Love and Shadow
Love and Shadow

Love and Shadow


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Love and Shadow is an enchanting oil on canvas realized by the young Israeli artist Orit Sharbat.

In excellent conditions, signed in white oil paint in capital letters on the lower left corner.

This original painting represents a romantic kiss between a young white lady and a black man. The woman is probably kissing and hugging a shadow, a memory, a lost lover, rather than a physical person. As a matter of fact, the black man is almost indistinguishable from the black background from which he is emerging. He takes form in the woman’s heart and mind as a mere black silhouette, meaningful of the fact that the memory of his true appearance may be fading away, but the memories of mutual fondness and loving gestures stay forever.

“Did you ever feel like you were kissing a shadow?” – Orit Sharbat

Dimensions (cm)

50 x 70


Oil on Canvas

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