Orit Sharbat

Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel. She likes to paint with passion and intensity. Her authentic style is marked by expressive, powerful colors, mainly oil or acrylic paint on canvas.

Her paintings consist of multiple thick layers of color. At first sight, they may strike you as calm and harmonic, but when studied closely, the veneer of harmony and tranquility soon gives way to a multi-layered rich labyrinth of colors. Her paintings, as the old adage goes, have more to them than meets the eye. Her sources of inspiration are deeply rooted in western culture, transcending the here and now. Her style can be traced back to the work of artists like Jackson Pollok, Andy Warhol, Max Ernst, Damien Hirst, Mark Rothko, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, René Magritte, and Salvador Dali, while also drawing on music, cinema, and theater.
The visual interpretation she offers to her subjects plays out in the constant tension between figurative and abstract, reality and illusion. Her intensive technique seeks to explore and find out what is the layer that makes reality an illusion and introduces illusion into reality by representing old and new.

"Imagination is the only place where the human soul feels at home" (Terence McKenna)

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